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The snow storm began late Saturday and ended early Monday. Snow fall ranged from trace along the Coast; 6 to 8 inches on the Coastal Plain; 9 to 13 inches in the Piedmont; and 10 to 19 inches in the Mountains. Several buildings collapsed from snow on the roof. Poultry farms in Union County have n...

Heavy Snow, Blizzard1980-03-01
On the afternoon and evening of March 2, 1980 North Carolina experienced a major winter storm with heavy snow across the entire state and near blizzard conditions in the eastern part of the state. Snowfall totals were reported as 2 to 7 inches in the mountains, 6 to 8 inches in the piedmont, 12 to ...

Coastal Storm1980-12-28
Severe erosion along beach fronts in New Hanover and Brunswick Counties. Seven houses were undermined with bulkheads destroyed. From 30 to 180 feet of three fishing piers were washed away. A 28 foot vessel was sunk while tied up in a marina. Dollar losses over $200,000.

Heavy Snow1981-03-22
Heavy snow began in western North Carolina in the late afternoon hours on the 22nd and continued through the night. 6 inches to a foot of snow fell through the northeast piedmont and foothills. In the mountains, the western and southern slopes did not receive any snow but elsewhere amounts ranged fr...

A significant snowfall occurred in western NC on December 25th, 1981. The highest snowfall totals were recorded in northwestern NC, where a strip of 12+ inches fell from Alleghany and Surry County southward through Watauga, Wilkes, and Avery County.

Snow, Cold1982-01-10
A record breaking outbreak of cold weather beginning on the 10th of January was followed by heavy snows over western and central North Carolina on the 13th and 15th. On the morning of the 10th, Banner Elk in Avery County had a low temperature of 25 degrees below zero. Statewide eleven people died ...

Heavy Snow1982-02-26
Heavy snow occurred across western North Carolina on the evening of the 26th through the early morning of the 27th. Snowfall amounts ranged from around 3 inches in the Piedmont to 7 inches in the southern and central Mountains.

Overnight freeze on the 27th and 28th of March destroyed 50 to 65 percent of the North Carolina apple crop with an estimated dollar loss of $30 million. Also, 95 percent of the North Carolina peach crop was lost with a value of $10 to $12 million

Snow, Freezing Rain1983-01-20
A major winter storm hit the western sections of the state, producing heavy snow, sleet, and freezing rain. The precipitation, which started as snow on the afternoon of the 20th, turned to freezing rain on the 21st. The combination of snow and glaze downed trees and power lines, toppled several ra...

Snow, Ice1983-02-06
A winter storm moved through the state producing snow in western and central sections. The snow, which changed to sleet and freezing rain before ending, caused little damage, limited mainly to traffic accidents. Snowfall amounts include: Linville 12", Boone 6", Asheville 4", Greensboro 3", Raleigh...
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