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Charging Policy - effective July 1, 2010

The State Climate Office of NC will implement a revised service fee policy effective July 1, 2010. Our existing service fee is based on the costs of a much smaller center, fewer staff experts, less computational infrastructure and less capability. Today, your State Climate Office has much greater climate services capabilities, more expertise on staff to serve the climate information needs of our state, more computing infrastructure to house and disseminate climate information, and serves more people. In response to increased demand and client needs, two new services will be available (rush service and certified service). Some service fees will increase to help defray our increased operational and infrastructure costs.

This service fee policy will take effect July 1, 2010

Data Service Rate:

Commercial use (including legal, insurance, construction, energy, ag)
$60 per hour of effort, billed in 1-hr increments.

K-12 and college students/faculty/staff:
no charge for simple requests.

Personal interest:
no charge for simple requests.

Local/State/Federal government and print/radio/television media:
no charge for simple requests.

Most data requests can be completed with 1 hour of effort. Requests that require significant analysis or custom programming (>2 hours effort) may be assessed the standard hourly rate. We will discuss this with you as needed.

Rush service: guarantees that your data request will be handled by 5pm on the next business day if the request is received before 2pm Eastern Time. Business days are defined by the official NC State University holiday/closings schedule. Rush service is available for an additional $100 to the rates above for all customers.

Certified service: The State Climate Office of NC is a public service center, at NC State University, for climate-environment interactions. To fulfill our mission, in part, we maintain a digital archive of climate data. For certified data requests, we can attest that exact duplicates of climatic records on file at this office have been provided to those that request such data. Certified service is available for $100 in addition to the standard rates above. Certifications are only provided in mailed hardcopy and bear the NC State University and State Climate Office letterhead. If you require expert testimony for court, consult an AMS Certified Meteorologist.

Charges will be invoiced after services are rendered.

The center director and climate services coordinator may waive applicable service fees on a case-by-case basis.

Some free data are available at http://climate.ncsu.edu/products/wx/

Please contact us if you have any questions before submitting your request for services.