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TSWV and Thrips Risk Forecasting Tool

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Get current TSWV risk assessment. Available April through May.
Get an historical TSWV risk assessment for a specified year Historical searches are available year-round.

Field Location: *
Address, Nearest Cross Roads, or Zip Code:
Latitude: Longitude:
The tool will use weather data and forecasts for the location you enter.

Anticipated Planting Date (for a current year search only):
Month Day
Recommended for a more personalized risk assessment. If unknown, leave blank.

Greenhouse Treatment: Both Anticipated Planting Date and Greenhouse Treatment entries are optional. If entered, potential recommendations will be given based on your planting date and greenhouse treatment. Neither of these entries influences TSWV risk or thrips dispersal estimates.
Average historical TSWV incidence at your location: *
This is a percentage ranging from 0-100. If your risk is 15% please enter "15" without the quotation marks.

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Developed with the generous support of Altria Client Services, Phillip Morris International, RJ Reynolds, and the Tobacco Education and Research Commission.
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